Few words about Santorini
Santorini is an island located in Aegean Sea in Greece Cyclades. The island has a history of it’s own. Santorini (from the Italian: Saint Irene), or more properly Thira, comprises of five islands in the Cyclades. Santorini is a small island, located at the south end of the Cyclades island complex.

Her name is officially Thera but Santorini is what the island is called most of the time. It is positioned between Ios and Anafi, 130 nautical miles from Piraeus and 70 nautical miles from Crete. She covers an area of 96 km2 and has a total coastline of 69 kilometres.
There are almost 11000 people living here, but in the winter the population drops to 6000.  The western coastline ends up brutally meeting the famous Santorini Caldera. A big basin covering approximately 32 square miles, the depth going from 300 to 600 meters.

At the western end of the Caldera, we find the island of Therasia and an uninhabited island, Aspronissi. By taking a good look at those three islands we can easily distinguish a virtual borderline of what used to be there before the Caldera was formed.